On Friday an insane court decision was pronounced for the 10 of the 11 accused of the “Röszke trial”.

The local court found all the 10 accused guilty.
The first 6 accused got 1 year and 2 months prison sentence and 4 years expulsion from Hungary.
The 7th accused, the one who was also talking to a megaphone for 10 minutes got 3 years prison sentence and 10 years expulsion.

The 8th, 9th and 10th accused, the elder lady, the man in wheelchair and the other older man with health problems got suspended prison sentence.

The decision is not final, the prosecutor made an appeal against the decision and asked for a severe sentence for all of the accused, even for the 3 vulnerable cases (the 3 who got the suspended prison sentence) he asked for the prison sentence to be carried out. The accused and their defense lawyers also appealed against the decision.
The court decision did not prolong the emergency measures of the imprisonment during the waiting period until the next trials.
Although it was decided by the court that 9 of the 10 accused should be conditionally released on Friday till the upper court trial, 3 hours after they left the court they were arrested and detained again with the excuse that “they might escape”.

For the 64years lady who got international protection, the immigration office decided to revise it! It means that they may withdraw it…

Even the judge ordered the defendants to pay half of the costs incurred for their translations, meaning several of them received bills for over €1,000!

We will not stop. Demonstration on Monday in Budapest, in front of the Upper Court (Kúria)! Solidarity and resistance, freedom for the accused!

Update: seven of the Röszke-11 were allowed to move to the open camp in Bicske!

From solidarity demo in front of the court in Szeged